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Department of Biochemistry and Industrial Microbiology

     Biochemistry is a rapidly expanding biological science that combines the core contents of biology and chemistry. The subject plays a very important role in unravelling many of the life processes and in the development of novel new scientific approaches. Microorganisms can be explored in industries for production of various products useful to humans and animals. Understanding the scope of these two subjects, Kerala University started a new course under the banner B.Sc. Biochemistry and Industrial Microbiology.

     The Department of Biochemistry and Industrial Microbiology was started in our college in the year 2000. The Department is now well established with four faculty members and separate laboratories for both Biochemistry and Microbiology that is equipped with advanced scientific instruments and equipments. Seminars are regularly organized in the department to expose the students to the latest developments in the subject area. The students of the Department are a vibrant group involving in various activities of both the Department and College and are regular recipients of most of the ranks in the University examination.




Remya A S

Head & Assistant Professor

Vishnu S L

Assistant Professor

Dr. S K Subhash

Assistant Professor

Lt. Lakshmi Gopidas

Assistant Professor

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