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Department of Malayalam

     Inception of Department of Malayalam in this college was in 1964. Prof. Kochu krishnan was the first head of the Department. The Department offers B. A. Course in Malayalam with Sanskrit and Kerala Culture as subsidiaries. Film study is offered as Open Course. From the very beginning eminent teachers were the highlight of the Malayalam Department. Generations of teachers have played a great role in leading the students of Malayalam towards progress in studies as well as in arts and sports. It is worth mentioning that at present all the teachers in the Department of Malayalam are PhD holders. Few of them are research guides. Most of them have published articles in research journals. Books authored by teachers have been published.

     Persistence and joined efforts of teachers play a major role in the higher percentage of results in university examinations and great achievements in arts and sports by the students. Department of Malayalam is bettering academic results year by year. Our students secure ranks including first rank in the university examinations and proceed to the field of higher education. We are proud of our alumni who got through competitive examinations like UGC- NET, PSC and are posted in different government services.

    Department of Malayalam is very keen in guiding students to new horizons of knowledge and appreciation through seminars and debates beyond classroom lectures. We have conducted seminars on Media Studies, Cinema (Films), Folklore, and Modern literature. Under the auspices of Malayalam Department, Kathakali and other art forms are being staged regularly in the campus. We also organise speeches of eminent scholars in the field of art and literature. As a result students could manifest quality in reading competitions, arts and sports competitions, NCC, NSS etc. Through knowledge, appreciation and hard work, the Department of Malayalam strives to achieve the goal of university education.




Dr. Lekshmi V S

Head & Assistant Professor

Dr. Vidya D R

Assistant Professor

Dr. Remya R

Assistant Professor

Dr. Neelima Jayadevan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sreedevi S K

Assistant Professor

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