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Department of English

     TThe Department of English has been one of the prominent department of the college since it's inception in 1951. Beginning as an Undergraduate programme in English Language and Literature, now it has emerged into a Post Graduate Department in 2013.The main objective of the course is to develop competency among students in the language and to groom young women to be career oriented, self confident and dynamic individuals. Innovative teaching methods has always been the motto of our department. With a team of dedicated and talented faculty members the department continues to explore new horizons in its pursuit of excellence. The teaching-learning environment is enhanced by the use of smart classrooms and serious efforts are taken to guarantee that the teaching learning process is highly innovative and progressive, giving importance to problem based learning. We set in line with this approach through projects, assignments and other learning activities. Collaborative learning, remedial classes, mentoring and proper career guidance further ensure the all-round development of the students.

In addition to all this various extension and literary activities are regularly conducted

The Department, through various talks and seminars, tries to educate students in diverse ways and to develop insight among the students to critically examine literary texts and genres.

Seminar Circle

     The faculty takes great care in creating a seminar circle among the students, through which they present seminars on modern literary trends and have discussions on them.

Book Rotation

     The Department also regularly manages to have Book rotation among students. Though Book rotation was not possible this year due to covid pandemic, the Department still managed to have virtual Book Rotation through e-books.

Creative Writing Sessions

     Writing Sessions are conducted periodically to identify the talented students and to enhance the creativity among them and the publication of Manuscript Magazines.

    The Department also provides a Certificate Course in Writing For Digital Media. The transformation and new demands that are placed on writers and content developers form the lynchpin of this course. Effective communication in journalistic contexts, understanding the increasingly altering tastes of audience and exploring how different media behaviour will help for creating better content for digital formats and environments, learning how to achieve balance and a careful blend of these features is the primary objective of this course.

    The activities of PTA and FSA of our college is highly commendable as they Institute cash prizes for the best students from the undergraduate and Post graduate Courses. The Department has produced distinguished Alumni in the fields like-politics, film, journalism, law, education, medicine, business etc.

    The literary talents of our students are boosted up by giving them an opportunity for manifesting their creativity in the form of Manuscript Magazines. A Newspaper Club is also functioning here. It's a place where the students can voice their opinions, their ideas and ideals. It allows students to experience a variety of journalism types and to gain real experience that not only looks good on a resume, but can build confidence for any journalistic career.

    Our students participate in University Youth Festival and short film competitions conducted by various organizations. We promote research aptitude in students by encouraging the students in participating and presenting papers in conferences and seminars. With eminent faculty members we are providing countless doors of job opportunities for our students. The miraculous world of literature sets them off on a journey across the mind's landscape. It's aim is to carve young girls into talented young women who can contribute to the development of society. Sailing in the sea of Literature "we turn not older with years, but newer everyday".



Jayalekshmi S

Assistant Professor

Vishnu Chandran

Assistant Professor

Hima S S

Assistant Professor

Aswathy S M

Assistant Professor

Reshma Salim

Assistant Professor

Dr. Aparna Ajith

Assistant Professor

Jyothsna C R

Assistant Professor

Dr. Anu R Kumar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Priyanka. M.C

Assistant Professor

Dr Sruthi Nandan

Assistant Professor

Remya CR

Assistant Professor

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